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International Cooperation

Everything started when the cities of Issy and Weiden decided to twin in order to fight the feeling of resentment existing between France and Germany since World War 2.


Then, in 1961, a Twinning and International Relations Committee was created and the city started to develop twinnings with close European countries. In 1979, a twinning was set up with Frameries (Belgium), in 1982 with Hounslow (UK) and Macerata (Italy) and in 1990 with Pozuelo de Alarcón (Spain).

Issy started to extend its partnerships outside the European borders in 1989 by setting up cooperation and solidarity exchanges with Etchmiadzine (Armenia), Dapaong (Togo) and finally Nahariya (Israel) in 1994.

In a context of expansion of international exchanges, Issy had a pioneering position by getting closer with far-eastern countries and twinned with two huge Asian capital cities: Beijing/Dongcheng district (China) in 1998 and Seoul/Guro district (South Korea) in 2005.

Issy also signed a cooperation agreement with Leshan (Sichuan province in China) in 2003, the Japanese town Ichikawa (Chiba province in 2012) located at 20 km from Tokyo and in 2013 with the Chinese town Shenzhen (Futian district), close to Hong Kong.


Issy additionally welcomes other foreign delegations outside official twinning and partnerships. Civil servants and delegates from around the world come to Issy to exchange good practices in a wide range of fields such as childcare, culture, urban planning and digital issues (smart city approach)… 




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