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Publication date: 02-05-2011   |   Last update: 09-09-2015   |     |  

TELISS is a service portal, accessible on, through which parents can pilot their children extra scholar activities.

How does it work?
Parents prepare a planning of their children’s activities. They can fill it up on the internet, or on a paper form to be taken from the school reception. Once this planning is filled up, children are automatically registered for the chosen activities; if they are not coming, they are unregistered by the person in charge after calling the register in the classroom. Parents can modify this planning on the internet up to midnight the day before, or in the morning by calling the school administration. Parents pay only for the activities the children actually attended to.

How to access TELISS?
To access TELISS users have to use a login and a password. Parents get them by registering their child at the Education service or by becoming a CLAVIM member.

How to refill your account?

- At the administrative centre using cash, check, credit card or CESU (for the morning and evening nursery's fees, and for the tutoring fees including, or not, the price of the afternoon snack)
- By mail, sending to the Education service a postal or bank check payable to the Government Treasury (at the back of the check the family account number should be written)
- On the internet:, section E-SERVICE
- By direct payment.
- At the end of each quarter, the receivable accounts are passed on to the treasury for collection.
Families receive an invoice from the Government Treasury.
How to consult your account?

- Connect on to the family portal TELISS (, section E-service)
- Or call the Education service at 014 123 8000


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